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Has NBA Told Maloofs To Take Sacramento Group’s Offer For Kings?

The NBA technically can’t tell team owners who to sell their franchise to when the said franchise is on the market.


There are lot of things NBA Commissioner David Stern can’t technically do and he’d be the first to tell you that – remember – he’s nothing more than a “employee of the owners”. Of course, you are, Mr. Stern, of course you are. But there are plenty of things that Mr. Stern can’t supposedly do that get done, so it doesn’t come as much of a shock that suggestions from inside NBA negotiations have the NBA telling the Maloof family to accept the offer from the potential Sacramento ownership group, despite their rumored reluctance to do so.

Per R.E. Graswich:

Inside word is M’s have been told to take Sac offer for Kings, period.

Graswich also adds that it’s only a matter of time until the Maloof family is out of the picture and it appears to be sooner than later:

Once M’s are officially gone, next steps will be much easier to work through. M’s out soon.

Commissioner Stern has stated publicly that the offers from both the Sacramento group and the Seattle based Hansen-Ballmer group would essentially put the same figures into the pockets of the Maloof family, so avoiding selling to the Sacramento based group would be nothing more than a bitterness towards the city and fans.

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  • KtownMatt

    That is ridiculous. How is an offer that is nearly $20MM less going to put the same amount of money into the Maloof’s pocket? Who is on the line for the $100MM loan the Maloof’s took? Stern stated that because of the sweet heart deal Ranadive has offered the NBA in not taking revenue share money. The deal for the King’s is less money for the Maloof’s by the tune of $20MM, so that is not a small amount of money. I have no allusions that the King’s will most likely stay, but to say the amounts are the same is absurd. NBA wants the Maloofs to take the deal because they don’t want to reject the Hansen offer, which is a more financially sound offer for the NBA in the long run. Just because Sacramento isn’t taking money, doesn’t mean they will be paying money into the rev share either.

    • aroyalpain

      The Maloof family owes millions to the city (and NBA) in loans. The amounts that are being offered from each group are different, but at the end of the day both offers will pocket the Maloof family nearly identical sums. Stern said so himself multiple times.

  • Carol Murray

    The Commissioner clearly hates the NW. Look what the NBA let the Oklahoma ownership group get away with when they stole the Sonics in the first place. To think that this would be handled fairly as long as this Commissioner IS the Commissioner is a pipe dream. I just hope the whole NBA — and especially the Commissioner — is sued for business interference or some such. A local court would be nice. Too bad we can’t figure out a way to make this mugging a criminal matter. I would like to see the Commissioner in a striped suit. Stealing one team apparently wasn’t enough for him…