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NBA To Delay Sacramento / Seattle Relocation And Sale Vote Yet Again

Hey – you have nothing better to do than wait and continually bight your nails into a nervous frazzle, right?

After Commissioner David Stern had said that the NBA was to meet either today or tomorrow to discuss the Kings’ potential relocation and have the Board of Governors give their recommendation, it appears that we’ll have to wait just a few more days for that to happen.

The Sacramento Bee’s Dale Kasler reports that the NBA has yet again delayed the process – thankfully though, this time by only a couple of days:

NBA spokesman says owners’ committee will meet Monday on #NBAKings situation.

The meeting will take place electronically Monday and they are expected – key word there – to give their recommendation at that time. There will then be a minimum of seven days (they may take longer) before the rest of the league owners vote, though, that vote should be nothing but a formality (with a few rogue owners voting in favor of friendships/regional allies) once the BOG gives their recommendation – though I guess if you’re grasping at straws, the “losing” side could hope for a hail mary in that scenario where the rest of the owners don’t comply with the BOG recommendation.

Many had expected that with a recommendation by the BOG either today or tomorrow, we’d have a leak on how the Kings’ situation would play out before the weekend but that appears to be unlikely now, sadly.

But hey – King fans have dealt with this for about three years now. What’s another two days, right?

/runs into wall

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