April 26, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings owners Phil Maloof, George Maloof, and Gavin Maloof sit court side during the second quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Power Balance Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kings Minority Owner - Maloofs Didn't Want To Keep Team In Sacramento

While the Sacramento City Council approved the recently released term sheet during tonight’s vote (7-2 in case you missed it), a few unique nuggets of news leaked – maybe none more interesting than that from a Sacramento King minority owner.

According to Pro Basketball Talk’s Aaron Bruski, a minority owner of the Kings franchise said that the Maloof family never intended to build a new arena in Sacramento (even after agreeing to the handshake deal, which they quickly backed out on) nor did they ever intend to keep the team local once their financial burdens became too much:

According to a current minority owner of the Kings, the Maloofs never intended to build an arena or keep the team in Sac.

Really, how much lower can you go? You fraud the city. You fraud the fans. You attempt to sell the team to Anaheim behind the cities back and when they raise money to support you and your dwindling bank accounts, you attempt to sell again – this after you continually stomped your feet that you would NEVER sell and “love” Sacramento.

Somehow, someway, just when you think the Maloof family couldn’t surprise you with another slime ball tactic, they one up you.

If only they were as good with their finances as they were at stabbing their loyal customers in their back.

This also explains why there was always such an unneeded struggle to get an arena deal done (on their end) since they apparently never had any interest in building a new one and only wanted to renovate the old barn – which was probably nothing more than hot air given the recent developments.

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