Rendered Pictures Of Sacramento Kings Potential New Arena

While city officials are expected to release details on the financing plan to build an arena in downtown Sacramento today, yesterday, News 10′s Bryan May had a few early gems on his Twitter feed – namely pictures of what might be. Keep in mind, the artist renditions are still extremely early – but below is what the proposed Sacramento Kings’ arena could look like, assuming the Kings are to remain in the California capital:

As you recall, it’s slightly different from the renderings we saw a few years back with these being a little bit more refined -  but the base idea is the same.

There will be far more details released on the potential sports and entertainment complex in the coming weeks and days, starting with the release of financial details expected later today, but for now, the above photos are an idea of what could be in the near future of Sacramento.

Again, keep in mind, these are nothing more than updated renderings on ideas we’ve already seen as the same model is being used (that could change as the process gets deeper), but it’s still an impressive sight to see. Add in a heavy handful of infrastructure like high rise hotels, shopping, restaurants and more and the package really starts to come together.

Another round of renderings has been completed and could be released in the near future as well, so, keep your eye out for those.

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  • Brian Crilly

    To be clear: I worked on the proposal these renderings are from and the renderings themselves. These renderings are from the 2010 proposal in which the Railyards was chosen over our proposal. The current downtown plaza proposal is not tied to our previous and un-chosen downtown plaza proposal. AECom is working on the current design and will have their own renderings.