February 9, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings fans hold up signs against the Maloof

ESPN Discusses Seattle & Sacramento Parallels For Kings - Claims Seattle One Sports Town

The knowledge level on the current Sacramento Kings relocation and sale saga outside of Sacramento and hardcore NBA fans is nothing short of suspect, so much so that local radio personality Carmichael Dave and a band of wonderful King fans are going on a national tour to promote education on the situation.

Some outside of the Kingdom may look at that as a bit petty and not needed, but sadly, much of the nation – again – outside of the hardcore NBA folks – are completely void of knowledge on the situation and even worse, are continually fed incorrect statements by national media, like a recent piece featured on ESPN.

Discussing the Seattle ticket waitlist program, the similarities and parallels between Sacramento and Seattle were brought to light, much how like Sacramento, Seattle is a one sports town when it comes to professional sport franchises.

Wait – what?

Towards the end of the clip, the host along with former Seattle Supersonic and NBA player Tim Legler bring up that the Kings are the only ticket in town then oddly make the same statement for Seattle, you know, Seattle who has the Mariners, Seahawks, Storm and Sounders. Even worse is that Legler simply agrees with the host rather than correcting him.

Yes – the knowledge on the current situation is just dripping.

Dripping in stupidity.

Just another countless baseless comment from the mainstream media. Sad.

Update: Tim Legler apologized, well, sort of, for the above piece:

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  • Greg


  • ESPN sucks

    To call these guys idiots would be giving them far too much credit. ESPN has gone down the toilet over the past decade, and continue to prove how useless it is

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000672762446 Jeanine Curtis

    Seahawks? Mariners? oh wait, don’t they play for Seattle? hmm.. Seattle… that’s in Southern Alaska, right? *eyeroll* whatevs… Seattle is used to being completely ignored by EaStPN

  • big Dick daddy

    Lots of butt hurt kings fans bitching about anything they can.
    Were going to get your team you know that right? Chris Hansen is willing to pay anything to get a team here.
    I’m sorry it had to be the kings cuz i love the kings. I’d rather see a team like Detroit go. But you guys will get a team again one day just like we are.
    So please stop being such dicks shit just cuz you’re mad. We didn’t do this to you. You guys did by not supporting them before it was to late

  • Kings4Life

    First off big dick head we the Sacramento faithful are the best fans in the NBA and you’ll find that out real soon when we win and keep the kings right here in sac Ass

  • Greg

    I’ve see Kings fans attack Daren Rovell, Ric Bucher, Peter Vescey, Adrian Woj, now Tim Legler and Scott Howard-Cooper to a point. I know I’m missing some other national media guys but just because others don’t share your opinion, doesnt make them back people. I’ve seen nothing but Kings fans insult and belittle and national media guy on twitter for not LOVING the Kings and thinking they’re almighty, while Seattle pails in comparison! You AREN’T entitled Sacramento. You’re no better the NY, Chicago, Memphis, Omaha, Seattle, LA, Charlotte etc etc. Get over yourselves and show some respect to people! You don’t have to be nice to Sonics fans but to insult national media for having an opinion is childish and desperate! Its not writers, Sonics fans fault Kings might leave! I’m sure I’ll get the predictable responses I expect from Kings fans like “F YOU, “Playing to win”, and some other catch phrases mayor KJ has you reciting. I’ll enjoy the insults to follow….