Playing To Win Tour – Grassroots Campaign To Save The Sacramento Kings Announced

With a few simple words, former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson and Hall of Fame big man Shaquille O’Neal gave Sacramento a reputation it didn’t deserve. Cow Town. That stigma has stuck to many outside of the California capital and it’s shown in the lack of support and knowledge around the country when it comes to the Sacramento Kings and their current situation. Sure – some feel bad for King loyalists, semi-aware of the backhanded tactics used by the Maloof family, but outside of King fans and hardcore NBA folk – knowledge on the Kings current circumstances are below average on their best day.

However, if Carmichael Dave, Crown Downtown, Here We Stay and many other King fans have their way, that’s soon to change.

CD announced on his Twitter this afternoon the new “Playing To Win” grassroots campaign which will feature an all-out media blitz, both locally and nationally as an assembled crew will travel to 20+ cities, eventually meeting Mayor Kevin Johnson in Manhattan on April 3rd. The tour will be shot by a film crew and documented in a “reality show” form as CD and his crew do everything they can to educate and keep the Kings in Sacramento.

You can read more about the tour (and help donate) on the Playing To Win website.

The first stop on the Playing To Win tour will be in Oakland with upcoming dates to be announced.

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  • Bigworm78

    This is getting sad give it up you lost there is no way u keep the kings they r going to seattle and there’s nothing u can do about it and if you think the nba is going to help you u guys r crazier than I thought they didn’t lift a finger to help the fans in seattle when the sonics left so what makes u think they will help you

  • Marilyn Kenyon

    This is such an amazing outside-of-the-box idea! Absolutely brilliant. This is the way to finish strong! Carmichael Dave will take our message straight to the NBA owners who will eventually decide our fate. What better way than to get that message across than to go directly to them? I would encourage fans to go to NBA sports blogs in these cities to let them know when Dave will be visiting. Get the conversation going in these cities. Best of luck to Carmichael Dave and his crew.

    • Bigworm78

      What makes you think anyone outside Sacramento will even care what happens to the kings and do you really think it will change any of the owners minds cuz it won’t all the owners care about is that the sale price that the seattle group is paying will make there team worth more and do you think clay Bennett will let the kings stay he won’t because if seattle gets a team back he will make a lot of money off it I’m not trying to be a jerk but I’m just telling it how it is. And I’m from Washington and I think it’s wrong to take ur team I don’t want the kings I would rather just get a expantion team

      • Marilyn Kenyon

        You post on a Sacramento Kings fan site and say this, “I’m not trying to be a jerk but I’m just telling it how it is.”

        If going on a team’s fan site and trying to rub the fans noses into the possibility they may lose their team to another city isn’t being a jerk, I don’t know what is.

        • Bigworm78

          Whatever man I just read the article n commented on it. Like I said I don’t want the kings and I don’t care if they stay or if they go. N everyone I know dosnt care either seattle is a football town but like I said the kings are more than likly gonna leave but maybe we can give u our wnba team as a consolation prize

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