Maloof Family Finally Attends Sacramento Kings Game…In Los Angeles

November 05, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof sits court side against the Golden State Warriors during the first quarter at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For much of the season, the old barn has been void of any Maloof. Their luxury box is usually occupied by some random cronies or more often, left dark with the lights off, almost in a mourning state.

Scared to attend a game in the city they were once loved in, the banished soon to be ex-owners of the Sacramento Kings made their way to the Staples Center last evening to watch their team live, for presumably, the final time. With only fifteen games remaining in the Kings’ season, Phil and Gavin Maloof slithered their way into Staples, refusing to do any interviews – perhaps taking a final look at what once was. The Kings will not visit Los Angeles again this year, so unless the Maloof family comes to say goodbye (HA!) or takes a road trip, last night was the live finale to the fifteen year ownership run.

The decade and a half tenure at the helm from the Maloof family has been a microcosm of the Kings’ franchise run the past twenty years. Out of nowhere, the Kings quickly emerged as an NBA power – things small markets just aren’t supposed to do, lead by the Maloof family who was on top of the world living the Playboy lifestyle, complete with women and music videos. But the higher you are, the harder and faster the fall, something King fans know all too well.

Nobody feels sorry for the Maloof family – not in the least bit as they made their own bed, though, to see the situation in its current state – it’s just sad, in a yellow bellied way. To see the once proud owners disappear behind the Staples Center curtains, of all places – going out with their heads hanging low, it’s just, sad. Embarrassing, really.

Unable to say goodbye in Sacramento, they attend their personal house of horrors for a final sendoff – a stones throw from the studio where Robert Horry analyzed the Lakers victory over the Sacramento Kings.

Ironic, how it all ended up.

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  • Jeremy Kraft

    Farewell Maloofs! Dont worry you can always come to Seattle and watch the team do more than suck, like the current incarnation in Sacramento does. Sure the fair weather fans of Sacramento will miss their squad. Maybe they should have cared a bit and put forth a REAL arena solution when you threatened to move to Anaheim, instead of that sh*t deal that you, rightly, backed out of. They didnt care and now will reap what they sewed. So long Kings! Hello SONICS!

    • 10,333

      You are a complete ass and have displayed your total ignorance of the facts surrounding the Kings, their fans and the Maloofs.

      • Jeremy Kraft

        Fact: your “ownership group” will not be able to match Seattle’s offer. Fact: you all knew this day was coming, especially after Anaheim. Fact: the Kings as you know them are done. Its over and you know it

        • JermemyKraftEatADick

          i love reading your cocky ass comments you look like the biggest doucebag haha eat a king size dick dude OKC was a more worthy city of an nba team anyways. you will never see the sonics play in seattle lol

    • Christian

      Let me know if you need any help with killing yourself hoe

      • Jeremy Kraft

        Awww, butthurt much? Hey, how do you like today’s news of a deadline for a REAL offer for the Kings? On top of Burkle pulling out (like your father should have)? Enjoy the LAST 2 weeks of your franchise loser

        • JermemyKraftEatADick

          hahahahah what a moron this dude belongs in seattle

  • Guest9384

    Come on and watch a home game Mr. Gavin

  • Fuckhatinassbitches

    Jermey Kraft suck my dick you dumb fuck Seattle is the worst place for an nba team you guys already lost your team to okc who showed your only team real love how many sellout seasons did you guys have in 23 years, 6. Compared to our 19 you dumb fuckin pussy eat a dick up

    • Jeremy Kraft

      Why dont you suck one yourself, butthurt loser. So a couple sell out seasons is now currency to purchase a team? LMAO enjoy the LAST TWO WEEKS OF YOUR TEAM DOUCHEBAG!

      • Fuckhatinassbitches

        Jermey Kraft is a fuckin dumbass it’ll be another cold winter with no basketball in Seattle again. Go Ice skating bitch

    • Jeremy Kraft

      Guess you arent showin “real love” since your team is as good as gone come April 19

      • JermemyKraftEatADick

        Hey just noticed this old disqus in my email how the sonics doing since they were as good as gone according to you haha dumbass