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Hansen Group Doesn't Pay Maloofs $30 Million Deposit? Sacramento Bid Near $580 Million To Keep Kings?

When you think of Sacramento Kings news – your first reaction isn’t to think of information out of Florida, of all places. However – David Baumann, host of his self-titled show, dropped what he called an “exclusive” this afternoon stating not only did the Hansen-Balmer group not pay the Maloof’s their $30 million non-refundable deposit that they were to be given on February 1st, but he also stated that the bid to come from Sacramento’s “whales” will range in the $580 million vicinity.

Per Baumann’s report:

The Seattle investment group was supposed to deliver a non-refundable $30 million dollars to the Maloofs (by Feb. 1), but it never happened. The Seattle group wasn’t going to make that down payment without the NBA’s approval to move the team.”


The source estimated that Johnson’s bid was in the range of $580M

It’s tough to gauge the accuracy of the out of nowhere report, especially considering the news is coming from a source 3,000 plus miles away from both cities involved but Baumann does have some credit in the NBA community and spent the afternoon interviewing former King great, Mitch Richmond.

There’s been no confirmation of any of the bombs dropped in the Baumann report, so everything needs to be taken with a severe grain of salt. But – if these reports hold out to be true, it could certainly change the course of action in the potential sale and relocation.

Update: Dale Kasler reports that Joe Maloof (apparently not dead) says Hansen made the payment. Joe Maloof, always trustworthy.

As suspected though – the report, seems a bit off base until we hear more on it.

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