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Sacramento Kings: David Aldridge Reports Clear Path to Seattle

David Aldridge reports the Sacramento Kings are on a clear path to Seattle. David Aldridge is a highly respected writer for NBA News.

He writes:

The weekend was filled with hopeful stories in the Sacramento Bee about groups that were lining up to make potential bids to the Maloof family to buy the Kings and keep them in Sacramento. Those groups may well exist. And they may have the money. It doesn’t matter.

Mr. Aldridge’s sources say Maloofs don’t want to sell to anyone who will keep the team in Sacramento.

The Maloofs own the team, and they aren’t interested in selling to anyone interested in keeping the team in Sacramento.

“They’ve got a clean path” to Seattle, one industry source said last week.

Okay, fair enough. Your sources may well be right. There is one thing though; while the Maloof family owns the team, NBA Commissioner David Stern may have a few things to say about the situation between Sacramento and Seattle. Additionally, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has pledged to do what he can to keep the team in Sacramento. The owners also have to get approval to relocate next year. Sacramento Kings fans have the grit and mettle to put up a fight. Don’t count Sacramento out just yet.


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