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After Disastrous Loss To Clippers, What Do Kings Fans Do Now?

At a certain point, you get tired of bemoaning the obvious.

The Kings are not a very good basketball team. In fact, they’re pretty terrible. In Saturday’s embarrassment against the Clippers, Sacramento laid a turd in the first quarter. Then another in the second. And the third. And the fourth.

By the time things were said and done, Los Angeles had a 116-81 victory. Kings players could be seen smiling on the bench or generally not giving a crap. Aside from the constant hardworkers — Chuck Hayes, Jason Thompson, Marcus Thornton, maybe a couple more — it was one of the saddest groups ever assembled on a basketball court.

And that makes it tough to be a fan. This would be the time when fans would scream for change. Fire Smart. Get rid of Petrie. Trade off half the roster. Those are the things that keep fans interested in an otherwise awful season.

But with the Maloofs having already checked out on the team and the city, is there any use? We could yell ’til we’re blue in the face, but is there any hope around the corner? There doesn’t seem to be any potential for improvement, and it’s scary to think that things could get much worse.

It’s a sad time.

But as Kings fans, we keep coming back, gluttons for punishment. Toward the end of the game, perhaps the only thing worth monitoring was the Twitter work of Carmichael Dave, who seems to be working on the next #HereWeStay event. It’s those rallies that give us Kings fans our only chance to unite. Stay tuned.

And by the way, the Kings play again Wednesday against Toronto. See you then.

  • David Echard

    From the incompetent owners, a GM who is obviously just collecting a paycheck(assembling this roster,!albeit with a limited Budget)poor coaching, and a roster full of Lego pieces that don’t fit. Blow this joke of a team to smithereens. Stern please pressure the Magoofs to sell or face sanctions. Bring in a respected basketball mind to build this team the right way. This team, not the Wizards are the laughing stock of the NBA!

  • dhm

    If the Maloofs threaten to move the team one more time, instead of a “Here We Stay” campaign, I say let’s start an “Audit the Maloofs” campaign. If I were the mayor of Sacramento I would tell the Maloofs “I will call in the IRS and audit your a$$e$” I wonder how much the Maloofs are hiding in offshore bank accounts…I’m betting quite a bit…money they could have used on this team, or to get the arena they want in the Sacramento area…just a thought…

  • chrifive916

    If I have to be honest, towards the end of this game I was just glad I had consumed a few IPAs, and I was rooting for the Clippers to dunk on someone. This was a sad effort, and in my mind shows the error of Cousins as the man. :sigh:

  • jb

    i also found myself rooting for the clippers to posterize someone on this d league team…they argue alabama couldnt beat anyone in the NFL, I have a hard time believing the kings beat a few D1 programs…and we cant draft Zeller or McDermott next year cuz smart wont play them….you do the math