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Early Rating Does Not Bode Well for Kings’ Offense

Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Ten games into the season and the early offensive rating does not look good for Sacramento. Currently the team has an offensive rating of 97.9, ranking the team 26th out of 30. Right now the rating is on track to becoming the franchise’s worst, since the 1975-76 NBA Season, when the team was in Kansas City.


The offensive rating (ORtg) is a measure of the number of points scored per 100 possessions for a team.

This is an early rating, which obviously does not tell the whole tale. To be fair, there are factors which could account for this low rating. Most notably, this is a small sample size, only ten games, about twelve percent of the season, which does not compare on equal footing with a full season rating.  Additionally, the team’s top 2011-12 scorer, DeMarcus Cousins, sat out two games because of suspensions. There is no question Cousins’ 2-game absence factored into the 10-game rating numbers.

These early numbers don’t look encouraging, especially for a coach who has prided himself on offense. Smart was named head coach of the Sacramento Kings January 5, 2012, following the firing of Paul Westphal. Prior to coming to the Kings, Smart was named head coach of the Golden State Warriors, September 27, 2010, but was not retained by the Warriers for the 2011-12 NBA season.

While, it is certainly too early to make any doomsday prediction for the 2012-13 NBA season based on 10 games, if these numbers continue, then they could be the first sign the team is headed on a collision course, unless something changes soon.


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  • kingraider412

    Keith Smart is not an NBA coach. The team’s offensive mentality is based on isolation basketball. The team is undisciplined, inconsistent on both ends of the floor, and no one, other than Cousins have specific roles on this team. With that being said, the team needs a real point guard. A pick and roll with Cousins would automatically make him an All-Star. Cousins needs to be the centerpiece of this offense. With an effective PG dishing out at least 7-10 assists nightly, the Kings would have an offensive identity. The Kings still have holes at the 3 who can spread the offense. and really need a bg body who lives in the paint in the paint. Trob and Hayes are nice players, But our lack of length against longer teams really hurts the Kings on the boards.I would say it’s back to the drawing board for the Kings. Geoff Petrie also needs to be relieved of his position. In the past 7 years, Petrie has done very little to advance the progress of this team as we face, yet another losing season. The team is a mess from the top-down.

    • Marilyn Kenyon

      I appreciate your well-expressed commentary. I am sensing a marked change of tone among fans in Sacramento.

      • David Echard

        Thank you for taking the time to read. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

  • Jacoby Liddiard

    More consistency is needed.. at the point guard position… Everybody has their own opinion so I will not give mine… I simply am gonna state observations I have made and rank each of the three point guards Thomas, Brooks and Fredette in 3 areas of efficiency, Defense, Scoring, Passing,… THESE are all based off this season, this far… last season is in the books, we are worried about this season… so look at these tell me if you agree disagree… make your conclusion.

    Defense: The Best: Brooks has been the best overall defender of the point guards.. He is an aggressive quick guard that does a good job of staying in front of his man… He pesters guards and gets them uncomfortable… However, any guard, I mean any guard can post him.. He is not a big guy and Deron Williams took advantage of that.
    ~The Rest: Isaiah (2nd) Jimmer (3rd) … Isaiah’s defense was much better sunday than it was against the hawks where he got absolutely demolished… his defense versus Teague was the worst defense of any point guard this year.. hands down… Jimmer: is kind of a mixed bag on defense… some games he plays pretty good defense.. some games he has a lot of trouble getting through screens and doesnt play good defense… But his first half against Portland was a revelation to me… After Lillard beat up Brooks to the tune of 8 points in 8 min, Fredette came in and absolutely played GOOD defense… not bad, not good for him, good NBA defense… holding to Lillard to only 2 points while he was in the game.. during that half…

    Scoring efficiency: The Best: Fredette… Jimmer so far this season has been the most efficient offensive player on the team.. and literally one of the most efficient players in the league… his handle has been tight, his shot has been on… he has scored in the paint… from downtown and from mid range… put simply.. The Jimmer has been getting it done…
    ~The Rest: Isaiah (2) Brooks(3) .. Scoring wise Isaiah has been pretty good this season… there have been a couple games in which he was hot and he was sat by Smart but Fredette has experienced the same treatment so there will be no asterisk for that in this comment…. Brooks, has been great at times… and downright terrible at times scoring wise… but he doesn’t really take too many bad shots so hard to knock him for that.. but if you look at the shooting stats… Isaiah has been better, than brooks and thats why he is third.

    Passing / Teamwork: This is a tough one.. The best: Fredette: You cant argue with the fact that he has the best assist to turnover rate of the three as well as the highest assist rate.. His pick and roll has been fantastic… I do not understand why this is not used more with him… In the blazers game fredette picked up the highest amount of assists by a point guard on this team, this year… He also had some spurts where he ran a high pace offense brilliantly, especially in the blazers game…
    ~the rest: Brooks (2) Thomas(3)… Brooks has not been great, but other than maybe one game.. Isaiah has been a turnover machine… only making assists by driving into the paint jumping and passing… that is not going to always work… that is why he has had so many turnovers this season… that and the fact that he continually wants to challenge the paint…. he needs to use his floater more… he is getting blocked alot this season… his last game however, was pretty decent from a passing stand point… even though his shooting wasnt great and that most of his assists came from jump passes…

    So those are my observations… feel free to disagree… but I would like to see reasons as to why you do… and I dont want to hear about previous years… we are talking right now… who is playing best… overall.