April 24, 2012; Oklahoma City OK, USA; Sacramento Kings point guard Jimmer Fredette (7) has his pass blocked by Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka (9) during the second quarter at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE

Jimmer Fredette Will Not Be Playing Alongside OKC's Kevin Durant

A few days back, Fox Sports’ Sam Amico brought up the notion of the Kings’ Jimmer Fredette playing alongside Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Amico mentioned Durant’s friendship with Fredette as a possible caveat in the deal, but the “rumor” seemed more like speculation than anything.

According to Thunder beat writer Royce Young, that’s exactly what it was:

Lots are asking about the Jimmer rumor. I wouldn’t take it that seriously.

The Thunder don’t have a lot of available assets that the Kings would show interest in, though the one name that continually circulated was guard Eric Maynor – though that deal never made much sense for the guard heavy Kings. Maynor does have an unusual mini-cult following in some NBA fandom circles, though it’s one I’ve never fully understood given his average play.

Jimmer Fredette rumors will continue to swirl, but, the Kings have little reason to move the former BYU gunner. On a small contract and a willingness to learn and grow, the Kings’ best move would be to help Fredette’s game mature and reap the rewards in due time. Expecting him to be a replica of his college days will lead to nothing but disappointment but Fredette’s skill set, when advanced, certainly had a place in the NBA and will be beneficial for the Kings current roster makeup, void of many deep threats.


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  • Realist

    Fredette sucks. Why would OKC do a even swap with one of the best backup PGs in the NBA?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A57G6ZGIMOKIW7P3I4J4JEHXKI Chad

    the reason this writer doesnt want fredette to go anywhere is because he knows if given any confidence fredette is going to shine… he can play right now… the kings as smart has said in his SI interview, are eat up with jealousy over the fact that fredette was a sensation in college… as a rookie his jersey sales outnumbered the entire kings rosters jersey sales combined, then multiplied by ten… they never wanted him to succeed, neither did smart. as an interim coach hanging by a thread, he decide to join up with the majority, and let them know he to shared in the teams dislike for fredette and his game… its the only reason y a coach would bench a lottery pick directly after playing his best ball of the year, ave 17 points and shooting 60% from down town in a four game stretch. then immediately he is rewarded with back to back dnp’s… now thats exactly how u build a rookies confidance.. smh… but hey, its worked as people with blinders on swear due to the numbers that fredette sucks…. whether by his popularity, or his skin color (lone white guy) sacramento has been about as unfair to fredette as atlanta was to pistol pete. get him out of purgatory, and watch him flourish.. simple as that

  • wyocard

    It appears that, in Sacramento, Jimmer will not be playing alongside anyone. Jimmer will be successful when he has a coach who recognizes and uses his unique scoring skills and teammates who want to win basketball games. Right now, Smart is a “he’ll have to do” coach in an organization with cheap owners and very selfish players who would rather lose and have average individual stats than win and share the glory. For his sake, the sooner Jimmer can be traded to almost any other team, the better.