Sacramento Kings Said To Want “A Lot” In Tyreke Evans Trade

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Trade speculation around the Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans has and will continue to be rampant, after all, players of Evans’ caliber don’t hit the market very often. Despite his struggles, a 22 year old talent that combines the size and speed that Evans does is rarely seen on the trading block, not to mention, putting up stats (although inflated) that only Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson and LeBron James did in their rookie years? That’s not exactly a tough sell.

But, like in most situations, opposing teams see a struggling Evans and want to lowball their offers. It’s good business for the opposition, but the Kings aren’t in panic mode – at least not yet, according to Sam Smith, who says the Kings are asking for quite the return in any Evans move:

A deal for Evans has been much speculated upon everywhere. But the Kings are said to want a lot and would hardly add the No. 5 pick with him. Maybe you get the pick for Noah. Hardly Evans and the pick. Maybe you get Evans and the pick for Noah and Deng, which would be ridiculous for the Bulls to do. It makes little sense for either side.

Speculation about Evans to the Bulls has been the hot topic in recent weeks, but it was a trade I never really understood for both sides. Derrick Rose and Evans seemed like an odd coupling from the start and while Deng does fit a need for the Kings, I’m not sure the price is right for Sacramento.

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  • Sean OConnell

    This is a very good trade scenario for both teams. Evans is not an “odd” pairing and is actually a very good pairing with Rose. Both are from Memphis to start. Evans is a good and developing into a great scorer and is able defensively, not good but has room for improvement and with Thibs coaching, he definitely will. It makes them a bit small in the backcourt, but the speed and scoring ability from there would go up dramatically. Finally, this trade would be only 1 part of a 2 part trade scenario:
    Bulls trade Luol Deng and maybe 29th pick
    Tyreke Evans and 5th pick
    Bulls trade 5th pick and possibly an extra player like Brewer, Korver or Watson
    Rudy Gay
    It works out PERFECTLY for every team.
    The Kings fill a gigantic void at SF, and gain a true leader for a very young Kings team. Adding another youngster wasn’t going to help Sacramento. Deng is a proven veteran with his best years still ahead of him and a great defender. It may seem like Sacramento is taking a hit salary wise, but they’re considerably under the cap anyways, so they can risk it.
    The Grizzlies are willing to part ways with Rudy Gay, and since they used the 8th pick to get Gay and they get the 5th pick, it’s essentially an upgrade in a sense. 
    Finally, the Bulls. See if you can find a starting 5 in the league as good as this:
    PG – Derrick Rose
    SG – Tyreke Evans
    SF – Rudy Gay
    PF – Carlos Boozer
    C – Joakim Noah
    If this scenario can happen (and it’s very possible and nearly probable if the Bulls go out and make some noise in the trade market), this instantly gives the Bulls a core group that could stay together for years (minus Boozer). Boozer would eventually get replaced by Taj or Mirotic. 
    The Bulls instantly become one of the league’s best offensive teams and I’m sure Thibs will get the new guys up to speed defensively. Unlike Boozer, Evans and Gay aren’t defensively ‘inept’, and they both have the athleticism and ability to improve. 
    Of course, I’m skeptical about the final part because of Gay’s contract, which is bigger than Deng’s. 

  • Krishnan1241

    Evans and the #5 is WAY too much for Noah and the #29 and sory Sean (below) but no way in hell do the Kings trade Evans and #5 for Deng and #29.  You are obviusly a bulls fan living in a dream world.

  • ARoyalPain

    That’s a pretty awful trade for Sacramento.

  • Sean OConnell

     @Krishnan1241 You’re overvaluing Evans by a mile. You clearly don’t see this from both sides. 
    The Kings don’t need another young upstart. That’s what their entire team is comprised of. They need a savvy vet, who can be the leader and still has his best years ahead of him. 
    Sacramento COULD just wait it out and draft a SF, but there’s no guarantee that:
    a) MKG or Barnes will develop into players that are at or beyond Deng’s level.
    b) MKG or Barnes will even be available at that point. 
    Anyone who knows anything about trade scenarios knows that this benefits both teams.

  • Sean OConnell

     @ARoyalPain No. It’s a very good one. Deng is an All-Star SF with the best of his career ahead of him, and he’s one of the best defensive players in the league. What else could you want? The Bulls would probably add a player to sweeten the deal, but that would make it difficult salary cap wise. I’m just glad you people aren’t the Kings GM. They’d be stuck the way they are forever.

  • 247SportsZone

    @Sean OConnell Sean. Why don’t the Kings just trade the 5th pick to Memphis for Gay. We get a young, solid SF AND we still have Tyreke

  • 247SportsZone

    @Sean OConnell you ask most Bulls fans they say this is the ceiling for Demg, which is one of the reasons Deng is being shopped

  • Krishnan1241

     @Sean OConnell
    C’mon man!  Do you honestly believe the often injured #7 pick in the 2004 draft is worth the 2009/2010 ROY and this year’s #5 in a stacked draft?  What exactly are you smoking out their in Chicago?  Thankfully, Petire is much smarter than you…Kings would be much better off making a run at FA Gerald Wallace or Batum and still keeping Evans and the #5 as assets.  I actually support a trade of Evans.  Maybe even a Evans for Deng straight up would make sense?  But no way in hell the Bulls get the #5 pick too!  That’s just stupid and any knowledgeable judgement of NBA talent would agree. 

  • Krishnan1241

     @Sean OConnell
    C’mon man!  Do you honestly believe the often injured #7 pick in the 2004 draft is worth the 2009/2010 ROY and this year’s #5 in a stacked draft?  What exactly are you smoking out there in Chicago?  Thankfully, Petire is much smarter than you…Kings would be much better off making a run at FA Gerald Wallace or Batum and still keeping Evans and the #5 as assets.  I actually support a trade of Evans, but there are a lot better options then Deng and the #5.  Maybe even a Evans for Deng straight up would make sense?  But no way in hell the Bulls get the #5 pick too!  That’s just stupid and any knowledgeable judgement of NBA talent would agree.

  • ARoyalPain

     @Sean OConnell “What else could you want?”
    Not Deng?
    And the Bulls wouldn’t need to add a player for salary implications, the Kings are well under the cap and could absorb all of Deng’s bloated contract if they so inclined, especially since they’d send Garcia or Salmons in a deal. But hey – good thing I’m not a GM because I wouldn’t know that, right? lol

  • ileff

    @ARoyalPain starters: thomas, thorton, gay, robinson, cousins

  • ARoyalPain

    @ileff Sounds great to me, lol.

  • scupper

    @ARoyalPain @fansided This is such garbage. The Maloofs run the kings like a flea market stand. They’re not interested in building a team.

  • NorCalAlex

    @ARoyalPain Thanks for the link, good info there by sam smith