Sacramento Kings "Owner" Claims Warriors Ownership As Best In NBA?

When I think of the Golden State Warriors, a lot of things come to mind – some good, some bad, but best ownership in the NBA? Hardly. And don’t take that wrong, Dub fans, it’s not a slight. I wouldn’t take it as a snub to the Kings fan base if Warrior faithful said the Kings had some of the worst ownership in the NBA – it’s true.  So, color me a bit shocked when a reported Kings “executive” claimed that the Warriors ownership group could be the best in the NBA in just a couple of years:

In a back room at the NBA draft lottery Wednesday night, a member of the Sacramento Kings’ ownership group approached Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob and made an amplified claim.

“In five years, I think your ownership group could be considered the best in the NBA,” the Kings’ executive said to Lacob. “I completely get the vision you have for the arena in San Francisco.”

Despite if you feel that the above comment has some truth to it, the fact that the statement was even muttered is absurd. There were only a small handful of King executives at the NBA Draft Lottery in New York, even fewer that would have any desire to make that claim – even less that would be stupid enough to put their foot in their mouth like that.

And while I’m not going to claim it was anybody’s foot in-particular, I have a strong sense that that foot might be wearing some of her famous high-heels with a camera crew in tow.

Listen, I don’t exactly have a problem with the notion of the Warriors at some point in the coming years having a premier front office, I have a problem with a nameless (and somewhat obvious and uninformed) Kings “executive” using the Warriors move as a platform to believe that they also need to relocate.

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