NBA Lockout Tough On Sacramento Kings' Hassan Whiteside

Slow morning – so check out Doug Smock’s piece on Kings project Hassan Whiteside from the Charleston Gazette:

There are a number of players for whom I sympathize, and I’m not talking about Kobe, LeBron and Dwyane. I speak of Hassan Whiteside, one of the most entertaining but enigmatic Marshall basketball players I’ve seen.

The 7-foot shot-blocking whiz needs this season, and needs it badly. He needs to prove that the Sacramento Kings didn’t blunder in picking him with the 33rd overall pick. He surely didn’t prove it last season.

It’s been a long time since anybody has seen Hassan display his talents on a basketball court – and while he’s most certainly raw, you hope the 22 year old can eventually show some of the potential he did in the above video.

I know many have already written off Whiteside, something I just can’t do as of yet – but this lockout could be crippling to his NBA future. Already teetering on the brink, a fully lost season would be devastating to Hassan – hopefully he’s continuing to progress and isn’t spending too much time watching re-runs of Martin.

Either way, time is ticking on Hassan’s potential NBA career. It’s now up to him to decide if he wants it or not.

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