And What If DeMarcus Cousins Had Punched A Fan In The Face?

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that everybody’s favorite token toker, Minnesota Timberwolve Michael Beasley got up close and personal with a fan earlier this week at a game played in Dyckman Park, located in Washington Heights. You can watch video of the incident here, but in short, the two exchanged words and Beasley “mushed” (their term, not mine), the spectator’s face. For what it’s worth, Beasley, seeing the error in his ways, did track down the fan after the contest to shake hands – but it got me thinking – what if DeMarcus Cousins had done the same thing?

With Beasley, it’s just another “roll of the eye” – not to say you expect it from him, but it’s just notch in his book of misadventures. You can almost hear the fans – the analysts – all in unison sigh out a big “oh Beasley”.

Now, I’m told by media personalities that DeMarcus Cousins has a “reputation” – but I’m not exactly sure for what. Yes, he did cheap shot the kid at Louisville during his collegiate days (what a dastardly act – that never happens) and sure, he’s quite the emotional character but really – what “reputation” does he have that would warrant the reaction he’d receive if he was the one who went at a fan, not Beasley. It would be a top story on Sportscenter. He’d be a trending twitter topic. Assuming he’d survive the raking over hot coals, that is.

As Aykis pointed out yesterday during our twitter conversation, the media (and even fan) reactions to the Beasley incident were quite mild – yes they reported on it, but, nothing more. Cousins’ technical fouls were given more publicity.

I’m all for calling a spade a spade – but the bias is absurd.

Listen, I’m not calling for Cousins to be given sainthood or anything of that nature – just saying fans and media need to be fair in their assessments. It’ll never happen, of course, but Chuck D told me to fight the power.

So bring it on, muthafuckas.

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