Sacramento Kings Looking At Ugly Point Guard Options

With the lockout in full effect, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot to talk about. The Kings have their starting five set and while they’ll still have to deal with the Dalembert situation with the lockout ends, the most pressing need outside of Sammy D is a backup point guard.

Unfortunitly for the Kings, they’re not the only team in need and frankly – the quality out there is pretty poor. Let’s take a look at some realistic options:


  • Jazz – Earl Watson
  • Spurs – Chris Quinn
  • 76ers – Antonio Daniels
  • Knicks – Anthony Carter
  • Bucks – Earl Boykins
  • Heat – Mike Bibby
  • Pacers – T.J. Ford
  • Warriors – Acie Law
  • Mavericks – Jose Juan Barea
  • Celtics – Delonte West, Carlos Arroyo


  • Pistons – Rodney Stucky
  • Heat – Mario Chalmers
  • Suns – Aaron Brooks
  • Blazers – Patty Mills

As you can see, the options run pretty thin. And one could generally assume, unless there are some drastic CBA changes, that players like Stucky and Chalmers aren’t very realistic targets without significantly overpaying.

Of course, there is always the option of trades (which seem more beneficial than the majority of those listed above)…but for now, we’re looking at free agents.

Any particular guys you see on the list you’d be interested in?

  • Scott Levin

    Question is, do you go after one of these PG’s or just let all the youngsters — Jimmer, Isaiah Thomas, Pooh Jeter — get extra PT and hope for development? I’m not opposed to either idea.

    If they go the veteran route, I like Earl Watson. A veteran, leader, runs the offense, strong defender. Good mentor.

  • Bryan R

    I’m guessing they’re going to let Pooh go, considering they didn’t pick up his option and now with Thomas, they somewhat mold into the same player.

    I think they’ll grab somebody at some point, be it FA or a trade – but I’d be pretty happy with Watson as well. Somebody Jimmer can learn from yet still help on the floor.

  • pookeyguru

    I’d go with Isaiah Thomas for one reason and one reason only: He’s cheap. Most guys like Thomas are pretty much what they are for the duration for their career. I doubt Thomas growth curve is that steep, or, for that matter, Jimmer Fredette’s.

    I don’t think the Kings really need a veteran PG to mentor any player really. They need veterans to help the Kings compete for a playoff spot next season if anything.

  • Bryan R

    I have major concerns about the ball movement (not that a backup PG would alter it THAT much), but, I’m slightly afraid of my eyesight watching the ball pounding.

  • Sean

    It would be nice if Bibby could come back and end his career in Sacramento, but I don’t see that as likely. T.J. Ford used to be pretty good, but he was slowed by injuries the last couple of years and had a bad attitude. If he’s healthy now, signing him could end up being a steal.
    I’d also like to see them bring Jamaal Tinsley back into the league, he’s the ultimate pass-first point guard.