Goodbye Jimmer - Goes Cold Thanks To Lockout

How looked yesterday afternoon….

How currently looks….

New Kings forward J.J. Hickson? Not a mention. Tyreke Evans? MIA. Jimmer? In hiding.

The NBA, for whatever reason they deem important, has made all NBA entities remove any player related items such as pictures or in the case of teams with audio/visual productions, videos as well. Yep – KingsFlix, one of the premier video production squads in the NBA has been required to remove their goodies too.

If you’re wondering why this is all beneficial to the NBA – I’m taking a seat next to you.

If you’re interested in seeing how the rest of the league is going about the odd rulings, The Sports Geeks have a growing number of screen grabs from various NBA teams sites, the morning after Armag, err, Lockout 2011 began.

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