Samuel Dalembert Unhappy In Sacramento? Who Says?

Late last evening, Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee made a very perplexing mention of Samuel Dalembert and his desire, or lack there of, to remain in Sacramento. As I read it, it came across extremely odd to me, for a couple of reasons.

First, Dalembert and his agent have long courted Sacramento:

“I think it would be a good fit if he was here,” said Cornstein, who also represents Kings point guard Beno Udrih and is in Sacramento today. “He can run the floor well, and this is a young running team. He can block shots, he can rebound. Those are his strengths. Those are the things he brings, and I think the skill set that he brings are things that the Kings can use. If he were to get here, I think he’d be a very good fit.”

Now all of a sudden, they’re ready to part ways? After posturing for multiple seasons about a trade, preferebely to one of a few select destinations with one of the main preferences being Sacramento, they’re requesting out after one season?

Second off, in Voisin’s piece, she mentions this:

He left for vacation in a lousy mood; after being replaced by Cousins during the season finale against the Lakers, the veteran center stormed off the court and was still seething afterward in the locker room.

Now, while I certainly can’t comment about his “vacation” plans, I do recall that DeMarucs was quickly ejected in the season finale – actually, just fourteen minutes into it. So, I’m not really sure how Cousins replaced Dalembert when it was actually the other way around. I also can’t recall Dalembert storming off the court – I do however remember a somewhat disappointed crew of players (after their furious comeback fell short) that included Dalembert interacting with fans after the game in what possibly could have been the final home game in Sacramento.

I’m not saying Voisin is wrong. But, considering the facts that we know, I’m not sure how they translate into “wants out”.

Would he prefer to play for a team where he can play major minutes and contribute to a potential World Championship? Obviously. Does that mean he’s ready to part ways? Of course not.

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