Addition of Jimmer Can't Hide Kings Fans' Disappointment

After weeks of workouts, debates and film breakdown, it’s finally settled. At pick #10, after trading back earlier in the day, the Kings selected Jimmer Fredette. Fredette is an electric scorer with unlimited range. He’s got an underrated ability to create for others, and he’s probably the most talked about player in the draft and maybe the most popular player in college basketball.

So why do Kings fans feel so empty?

It’s because Geoff Petrie did not have one of his best days. The trading of Beno Udrih and pick #7 for John Salmons and #10 was baffling to say the least. In that deal, the Kings agreed to move down three spots…to pick up an older player with a longer, more lucrative contract, who already flamed out in Sacramento. Not to mention Udrih was easily the Kings most consistent player last year and a key element to the Kings backcourt.

Salmons is not the answer. We know what he can do — he’s a solid defender who can score off the dribble. But he’s not going to morph into a vocal leader or turn into a distributor or become a reliable long-range threat. He is what he is, and for the next 3 years at $24 million, he’s ours.

The pain only worsened for Kings fans as the draft unfolded. It was believed that Brandon Knight wouldn’t make it past the 3rd pick, at worst 5th to Toronto. But when Utah took Enes Kanter at #3, Knight began to fall. And there he sat at #7, where the Kings should have been picking. A motivated, smart kid with a wealth of potential and an already strong skill set? Sounds like a point guard we could use. Instead, it was Detroit’s good fortune at #8 to scoop up the talented freshman.

So nothing against Jimmer. I’m excited to see him on the floor, dropping 30-footers, spacing the floor for Tyreke and DeMarcus. He’ll be an immediate fan favorite and hopefully develop into a legitimate piece to our puzzle.

But man, what a tough day.

  • White Coco

    Please Don’t speak for Kings fans …

    The Kings wanted Jimmer and would have taken him #7. The Kings realized they could get Jimmer at # 10, and in doing so get rid of Beno & address one of their needs adding a scoring SF with leadership skills.

    Not a terrible day for Sacramento at all.

  • Kydad

    The Kings have just doubled their fan-base with about 75% of the state of Utah (inluding myself). We’re disappointed with the Jazz, and will be tuning in next season. Expect to see your ratings and your attendance increase!

    Go Jimmer!

    • Jason

      Seeing as this is a well established site about the Kings, the writer clearly has every right to share his opinion and speak for the fan base. Most of the fanbase feels this way.

      I applaud your optimism, and think we did well in the drat, but clearly dropped the ball. If you, or anyone else for the matter, can actually explain how John Salmons has displayed leadership skills on any team he’s played with, maybe you’ll convince a few of us. The small minority that’s been ok with the trade keeps raving about his “veteran presence” and so forth, but he couldn’t be further from that player. Not an untalented guy, but I have a hard time believing that he was the best SF that we could get.

      So please, explain how this is good for us, give me a few examples, and help me out. I don’t want to be disappointed with this, so I’m open.

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  • Quadrant32

    I think it’s not a bad draft day at all. The kings got to clear up some PG time for the dev’t of jimmer. They needed a ggreater fanbase and jimmer is the guy to get it plus, Tyreke slashing to the rim with Thornton and Jimmer waiting out the arc is a nightmare for some teams.
    And with the Salmons acquisition, maybe it’s not the best way to go with it but it’s a step. He’s a better trade bait than others with what he did with miluakee back at 2009 and with some defense and leadership for the team.
    Jimmer is a great pick. The best pick for the reason, he can make the kings stay at sacramento.