So The Miami Heat Want Samuel Dalembert

Boy – that’s so shocking………………

I, unlike many, am a little freaked out at the Heat’s desire for the Kings big man. As I’ve mentioned before, financially, the Heat can’t compete with the Kings. With only a mid-level exception to spend, Dalembert would have to take a significant hit in money per years (at least, one would assume so) – but outside of monetary reasons he really has little reason to stay in Sacramento, as much as that pains me. But on the same token – money speaks, and does so loudly….

Dalembert has long made it be known that he enjoys playing in a fast break style offense, something the Heat thrive in doing. Outside of that and despite their struggles this season, they’re a perennial Championship contender and have a significant need at Dalembert’s position. Most importantly though, at least in my thinking – location. Miami’s nothing more than an hour plus flight from Dally’s beloved Haiti.

It’s certainly not a knock on the Kings as I think they’re the ONLY (Sam to the Knicks? Please) destination outside of the Heat for Sammy, but how many people are going to turn down a starting job on a Championship level team which is just a island hop away from your homeland, all the while, still making decent money?

Is it a forgone conclusion in my mind? Absolutely not. But if you’re a fan of Dally on the Kings, you can join me in the corner to worry – free snacks and shit.

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