Ford: Cousins & Evans Had Issues, Kemba Has None

I made talk of this this last year come draft time (and another time or two after) when Chad Ford made mention of “issues” with Tyreke Evans. He’s never commented on just what those issues exactly are – though, I guess he began to justify them with the whole “speeding” incident. Whatever the case, his mild vendetta against Reke seems to grow a little each time he speaks of him.

Really though, I’m just curious as to what character issues Evans continues to have. Then again, Ford says “had”, not “have” – so clearly, Reke and Cousins have both crossed over to the good side and can be found baking brownies at a local Sacramento assisted living home, that is, when they’re not spending their free time making balloon animals for children.

Ford’s updated mock has the Kings looking at Kemba Walker:

Petrie is in (and has been for two years) the same boat as Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld. His job isn’t very secure and the past two years Petrie has opted for a “sure-thing” player who could produce in Year 1.Walker is that guy at this point in the draft and, as an added bonus, he doesn’t have the same character issues that Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins had.

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