Playing Petrie – Who Are You Drafting For The Kings?

Now that we’re aware the Lotto God’s hate us of our draft selection slot, it’s time to start thinking about who the Kings should select in the upcoming draft – assuming we pick anybody at all as the interest in the Kings pick climbs daily.

With workouts still to be scheduled, the only thing we’ve seen so far are the interviews and we haven’t really “seen” those anyway, so it’s slightly early to form an opinion – but we’re going to do it anyway. A bit of a pre-workout, opinion.

We all know the Kings have their building blocks in Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. Outside of that though, you can find question marks in every other area on the roster so the Kings certainly have room to improve via the draft, be it a selection or a trade.

So put on your best Petrie – as of right now, who are you drafting? Or are you drafting at all?

Who Are You Drafting (Pre-Workout Impressions)

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  • pookeyguru

    You know me B. I’d take Burks as he is, in my mind, the BPA. Then again, I’d have taken Favors over Cousins given my druthers. So I’m probably not the guy to listen to.

  • Ezekiel Escobar

    I’m torn as hell and I don’t think the workouts are going to change that either.

    I don’t think this will be as weak a draft as many are trying to pin it though.

    Petrie’s always solid with the draft *tries to forget about Douby*, so, I’ll trust him…..

    I think.