LA Times Reporting Kings To Remain In Sacramento

League officials say the team, which was preparing to apply for permission to relocate to Anaheim, will play in the state capital next season.

Keep in mind – this is nothing more than an early report and absolutely nothing is set in stone. In short, this could change for the worse…

But chances are, the purple and black will be playing in Sacramento next season and if the community/fans/mayor, etc  follow through with their promises and plans – the Kings will remain in Sacramento for the long term.

So bust out the moonshine. Grab your tractors. Rope a few steers, you cowbell ringing, Mickey Mouse hating hillbillies. It’s time for a hoedown.

What? I was just getting you ready for the national headlines. It’s like, country or something in Sacramento. Or so we’re told.

Oh, throw in a few YEEEEHAWWWWWW’s as well.

And on a side note – once again, fantastic job not only by Kevin Johnson and his crew but by the heart and soul of the Kings, the fans. Proud to be a Kings fan…

The fight isn’t over yet, but the Maloof’s are woozy. Time for the knockout.

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