Stage Fright? Maloofs Ask NBA For Another Relocation Extension

Per News 10’s Twitter:

The Maloofs will be asking the NBA for another extension to file for relocation.

Good news? Could be. After all, I’m sure the Maloofs (despite a little advance knowledge of the Burkle situation) most likely weren’t expecting yesterday’s bombshell. Could also be the NBA’s BOG’s aren’t all that thrilled with the potential relocation plan, so, they’d like more information. And more than that, it could be the Maloof’s coming to terms that moving might not be the best idea…especially considering the rumored lack of needed votes.

Of course, they could just be requesting an extension to further bolster their plans/financing options.

Interesting, either way.

UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to May 2nd. In addition, the BOG’s appointed Oklahoma City Thunder owner (and most hated man in Seattle) Clay Bennett as the head of the relocation committee.

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