Maloofs To Skip Season Finale Versus Lakers - Upset With Nasty Comments

What? You didn’t really expect them to show did you?

Scott Howard Cooper says the Maloofs will most likely be preparing for their trip to New York to meet with the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting, but, wouldn’t have come anyway even if the meeting was at a different time.

A little too convenient that the meeting happened during the final home game of the season…

Scott also said that Joe Maloof had thought about appearing at recent games, but, was advised to go against it after he and Gavin had “nasty” comments directed at them during their previous attendance(s).

As for the Maloof’s – I’m going to reiterate again my disappointment in them. Not the fact they’re attempting to move the franchise, but, how they’ve gone about it. I understand the business side of things and see the reasoning behind their decisions. But they’ve really scorned the fan base with their actions, or lack of.

Sure, maybe it was impossible to avoid an ugly divorce but at the same time, the ugliness could have been defused somewhat by better actions on their part. Sacramento is the Kings. The Kings are Sacramento. To take them and run, which is what the Maloof’s are essentially doing, is just shameful – especially to a fan base who has supported them so well.

I love the franchise – but I can’t help but shake my head at the Maloof’s. I guess that’s my fault for expecting better…

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