Sacramento King Fans Are Among Least Loyal In NBA?

You know – there are just things in life you simply don’t understand.

For instance, why don’t they make root beer flavored ice cream? Seems logical enough, no? Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii? And why on earth would anybody consider Sacramento King fans among the least loyal in all of the NBA?

Well, according to consumer reporting agency Brand Keys Inc. – the Kings rank one from the bottom in terms of fan loyalty, only ahead of the ever-popular Charlotte Bobcats.

The 19th annual sports loyalty index surveys fans in each team’s home market, looking at factors such as on-field/court success, fan bonding with players and team history.

Equally as impressive though would be my rankings of consumer reporting agencies – such as Brand Keys Inc. which I’ve rated as a high quality grade of poo. I’m talking Jim Gray type poo. High, quality, shit.

Thanks to Mr. Santiago for the pictures.

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