DeMarcus Cousins Ejected - Refs Handle It So Wrong

Despite the Kings blow out victory in Minneapolis this afternoon, it wasn’t all perfect as DeMarcus Cousins was ejected from his second NBA game late in the third quarter – and the process was pretty shameful. And per usual, the instigator in the situation wasn’t the one punished. Shocking.

Scroll to about 39 seconds into the video and you can see the entire situation from start to finish.

First, we see Ridnour, unhappy from an earlier screen, give a full blown shove to Cousins which referee Violet Palmer sees the whole way. She runs in, separates the two before any further activities take place. Solid job.

But then you watch the rest of the situation unfold and you can’t help but to shake your head.

First, across the court on the far sideline you see Bob Delaney (#26) casually walk over during the entire scene while Palmer and Micheal Smith attempt to maintain order. Had Delaney reacted properly as the situation began to take place, Cousins might have got a push in, at best.

Then, Delaney, apparently still sleeping, decides to randomly agree with Smith in his ejection of Cousins – and pretends to be a Major League umpire with his animated ejection call. Even worse though, Delaney follows Cousins down the court continuing to provoke DeMarcus since he was clearly unhappy with Cousins pushing his hand away earlier in the ruckus.

Did Cousins actually deserve to be thrown out from the game? Eh – I think, if properly handled, neither he nor Ridnour deserved to be removed from the game. Shoving matches happen all the time in the NBA – the situation looked to be under control. But, the fact that Ridnour wasn’t removed from the game as well after his initial push is a joke.

Cousins clearly overreacted by pushing two Timberwolves as did Ridnour with his initial push of Cousins, but, the way that was handled by the refs, especially DeLaney, was awful.

I don’t necessarily mind the ejection (though I don’t agree with it) – and in no way am I sticking up for Cousins’ or Ridnour’s lack of self control, but I can’t help but shake my head at how that went down, in general.

Thanks to KingsFlix for the vid.

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