Los Angeles And Anaheim Royals Patents Filed - Kings Setting To Move?

Per 10News:

While the Sacramento Kings ponder a move to Anaheim, they may already be laying the groundwork for a name change.The United States Patent and Trademark Office received an application on March 3 by a Nevada corporation seeking exclusive rights to use the name “Los Angeles Royals.”

Another application filed the same day reserves the name “Anaheim Royals.” The city of Anaheim, which owns the Honda Center, has reportedly insisted that any team playing there carry the city’s name.

The web domains losangelesroyals.com and anaheimroyals.com have also been registered.

The trademark applications were filed on behalf of Crickets Corp., a Nevada corporation represented by Sacramento attorney Scott Hervey. Hervey specializes in intellectual property issues and also represents the Maloof family, owners of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

First reaction? Ugh.

We’ve heard multiple times (without confirmation, by the way) that the city of Anaheim has insisted (from a legal standpoint) that the city name be included in the franchise’s namesake – but the fact that both city names were applied for within a day doesn’t sound very promising to Sacramento King fans. My guess is (assuming this is actually the Maloofs submitting these applications) they’re hoping to obviously get Los Angeles in the namesake, so the small money lost on a trademark application is well worth the potential reward – with a legal fallback on Anaheim if they can’t smooth operator their way into the LA market.

The Maloofs have until April 18th to inform the NBA of a potential move, so the clock be tickin’ – and tickin’ fast.

Part me of me still really believes they’ll go through the motions one more year in Sacramento with the small hope something could be accomplished on the arena front, but if that fizzles out – lots of broken hearts will be bleeding purple throughout the Central Valley.

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