Something The Anaheim "Kings" Will Never Have...

Finances rule the world – it’s a nasty cycle, and it looks like the Sacramento fans are going to find this out in the worst way possible.

Anaheim certainly has many good qualities to offer – as does Sacramento, but financially, the central valley can’t compete with their big  brother to the south. But as I’ve said before, finances only extend so far – even from a business standpoint.

Loyalty. Pride. Passion. These things don’t just happen. Sacramento is the Kings. The Kings are Sacramento. In Southern California, the Kings are nothing but a number in the crowd. A number that ranks near the bottom of the crowd.

Southern California loves a winner – but that’s all Southern California loves. Loyalty? Pride? Passion? You think you’ll find that in Southern California? If you do – make sure you tell the leprechaun hello and pass me a few coins from the pot of gold.

  • Quake

    So why have the Kings ranked at the bottom of the league in attendance for the last few years? Just like the A’s and Raiders in their respective leagues.

    • Ezekiel Escobar

      When the economy started to crumble, there weren’t many areas hit harder than the Sacramento and central valley areas. Combine that with an awful team hitting rock bottom, you’re going to struggle to break 13,000 a game.

      Oakland really hasn’t ever been a hotbed for great ticket sales – A’s always seem to be in a rebuilding mode, even when they’re good.