Kings’ Petrie Open To Trades, Kinda, Somewhat, A Little

Try getting a straight answer out of Kings general manager Geoff Petrie. Seriously, just try. It’s like trying to get an answer out of a five year old, and I mean that with the most sincerity to Geoff. And frankly, it’s kinda nice as a fan. Sure, you’d like to have just an inkling as to what’s ticking in his brain but deep down, the close to the vest ways of Petrie are a welcome sight in an era of trade leaks and rumors.

Jason Jones spoke with Petrie about the upcoming trade deadline and Petrie, per usual, dropped his cryptic Brett Favre type responses:

“We really need to do things that are salary cap neutral now and going forward,” Petrie said. “That’s really where we are and probably where we will be until we get to the deadline.”

As the trade deadline approaches, Petrie said “a quality player with some proven history” would appeal to the Kings.

“A first choice would be to fit some needs,” Petrie said. “Another playmaker, another shooter to start with and then go from there. Again, when you’re trying to trade like for like, it starts to narrow.”

In essence, Petrie didn’t tell us anything we weren’t already aware of – but he did it in a way that gives you just enough of a spark to raise your eyebrow and question what’s ticking in the mad scientists brain.

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  • Scott

    With Aaron Brooks kind of on the outs in Houston, I’ve been waiting to hear about Petrie approaching the Rockets. He’s been a Brooks lover for a while, and Houston still loves Carl Landry.

    I believe Brooks is a restricted FA this summer, too.

  • Ezekiel Escobar

    I’m torn on Brooks. He’s small (although quick), a poor shooter, and makes Beno look like a 2003 Ron Artest on defense.

    But at the same time, I’d prefer to have Brooks over Landry’s free agency.