Playing GM - Where The Sacramento Kings Need Improvement?

Put down your rainbows and flowers cupcake – it’s time to align your comb over, find a railing, lean against it with a mean mug, and fold your arms like the true badass you are.

With the 2011 NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, it’s time we as fans figure out the greatest need for the Kings. Depending on what blog or forum you marinate on, you’ll get a wide variety of answers – some lean more towards improvement at the point guard (aka wherever the Slovenian is located at the time) slot – others prefer to wait it out and attribute the losing ways to youth.

It’s certainly difficult to put each position in a box and say the Kings need improvement there considering the many outside factors – but I’m doing exactly that. Why you ask? Because I can. That’s what real motherfucking G’s do. Eazy-E told me so.

So given the opportunity to make one critical move during this deadline, what area of the team would you attempt to improve in…

Where Would You Improve The Kings?

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