Expectations Of A Carl Landry Trade?

It’s been discussed and discussed some more – a franchise booming with almost certain trade scenarios just a few short months ago is now at a road block. From Beno Udrih, to Carl Landry, to Samuel Dalembert – all players mentioned in potential deals not that long ago now seem stonewalled. The improved play of the Kings has certainly helped to derail fan desired trades (at least for now) but thinking of moving past the NBA trade deadline with Carl Landry still on the roster turns my stomach a bit.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Carl – I do. And while I’m not a huge fan of his game, he’s a fantastic sixth man if you’re lucky enough to have him in that position. Would I be okay with Landry returning to Sacramento next year? Of course, but, only at a respectable rate – and I’m not sure that’s possible when all things are considered. Landry’s the type of guy you add to put you over the top – not the guy you spend a significant portion of your salary cap space on. And in all honesty, I’m not really sure I believe how open Landry is to returning next year. I’m positive he would if the price is right, but the Kings need to be extremely cautious to who they throw their money at.

Trading away Kevin Martin and then allowing Landry to walk at season end would be the basketball equivalent of putting your nads in a vice grip then tossing the mangled meat into an executive powered blender.

Am I saying trade Carl? Not exactly. I’m saying Carl Landry will be pricey to bring back. I’m saying the Kings don’t need to spend their cap space on a borderline starter/good sixth man. I’m saying the Kings have their power forward of the future already (and if that doesn’t work out, Landry’s the least of your problems). And I’m saying you can’t trade away Kevin Martin and have nothing to show for it. So take that, as you will.

What are your feelings on a Carl Landry trade?

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