First Half Sacramento Kings Poll – DeMarcus Cousins Expectations

Depending on who you asked coming into the season, there were a wide variety of projections for DeMarcus Cousins – not all of them good. In fact, some were downright awful. A good handful of media types didn’t think DeMarcus would be able to deal with Sacramento or the franchises recent losing ways. Many felt he couldn’t keep his head on straight and would be a negative influence on the upstart roster. And while Cousins has had a few minor spats, overall, Cousins transition to the NBA has been a productive one, so far. How productive? That’s for you to decide.

What are your impressions of Cousins so far? How would you grade Cousins’ first half of the year, on and off court feelings combined?

What Grade Would You Give Cousins So Far?

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  • Scott

    All things considered, I give DMC a B-. Definitely some maddening moments, but that was expected with such a young player. Still plays out of control, makes poor decisions and shows immaturity with his attitude. But you can see how good he’ll be — surprisingly good face up game, some polished post moves, good passing instincts, takes charges well.

    Only going to improve and definitely an exciting piece.

  • Bryan

    Agreed. I recall Chris Webber talking about Cousins during Summer League and how Cousins rushes everything – Webber said he did the same as well until Coachie helped him slow down.

    I still see Cousins rush things a lot, but, it’s not nearly as bad as it was to begin the season. Assuming he keeps his head on straight, it’s hard not to be excited about his future. To have the tool set he does at his size is really rare.