First Half Sacramento King Poll - Biggest Disappointment

When the Sacramento Kings take on the Atlanta Hawks in about two plus hours, the Kings will have played in their 39th game of the season. So while we’re not at the mid-way point of the year just yet, we’re on the cusp.

Coming into this season, many fans felt the Kings had turned the corner. With an improvement of 8 wins from 2008-2009 to 2009-2010, the emergence of Tyreke Evans, the addition of DeMarcus Cousins and overall team growth, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Kings would easily reach the 30 win threshold, if not more.

So what went wrong? What (or who) has been the biggest disappointment so far through the first half of the 2010-2011 Sacramento King season?

Biggest Disappointment So Far?

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  • Pookeyguru

    Quite honestly, I’m not really disappointed in any one player, the coaching staff, the front office or the Maloof’s. I would have liked to see more wins, but since it’s clear that this team would struggle for awhile, I’ve simply recalibrated my expectations to allow for that struggle.

    I won’t do that next season though. My patience only allows for so much for so long.

    • Bryan

      I think my general annoyance throughout the year has been the stupidity. Just general basketball knowledge stuff. I know many of the guys are young and those things happen, which is fine…but the amount of times they don’t do what they were told moments earlier by the staff or failing to use their fouls to give, guarding players in the paint up three, etc, makes my head bleed.

      If I know the situation, good lord, they guys on the court should.

      Like I said, I know youth plays a large part in that but still. It seems like an ongoing theme.

  • BarbosaSamosa

    Tyreke is the real deal. He along with blake are the future of the nba