Kings Attempting To Trade For Aaron Brooks?

According to the Bee and Voisin, the Kings have reportedly made attempts to snag Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks. Ailene says:

Better yet, they need Geoff Petrie to acquire a more conventional point guard – or a player whose skills would better complement those of Evans – and accelerate the learning process. (The Kings are aggressively pursuing a move and reportedly have inquired about Atlanta’s Jeff Teague and Houston’s Aaron Brooks, among others, though team officials declined to comment on the speculation.)

This one is tough for me. The only thing the Rockets would have a mild interest in is Jason Thompson. However, the Rockets lack any depth at point guard (not that Kyle Lowry stinks, he’s just not starter quality) so the move would be addition by subtraction for them. And as much as I like Jason, I’m not sure he has the value to snag a player like Brooks.

On the flip side, I’m not sure I like it that much for the Kings either. Aaron Brooks is one of the worst defenders in the league and frankly, his offensive game isn’t that effective. He’s a very solid shooter from outside which the Kings sorely need, and he does bring some other intangibles (such as his lightning quick speed) that would benefit the Kings but I’m not sure it’s enough to outweigh the cons.

I’ve always felt that perimeter defenders are a huge key to success. It’s a domino effect once the opposition gets by the perimeter defenders and it usually results in a) easy baskets or b) fouls, especially from your big men who are coming off the weak side to help. Penetration is a killer in basketball and being open like a Quickie Mart all game isn’t going to breed success, no matter how good they can shoot the three-ball.

The Kings need a very specific player to match with Tyreke Evans, and while Aaron Brooks is a very fine player….I’m not sure he’s the one who fits the mold.

What do you think, King fans? You interested in trading JT for Aaron Brooks?

Would You Trade Jason Thompson For Aaron Brooks?

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  • Scott

    JT for Brooks is a no-brainer. But like you said, it would take much more than that.

    The rumor in ’07 was that Petrie was considering Brooks with the 10th pick. Took Hawes instead — oops. Probably should have traded back into the 1st to get AB, too. He went 26th.

  • pookeyguru

    I’m going to say no. I think any player, especially a young one like Aaron Brooks or Jeff Teague, has to fit with Tyreke Evans and be a long term fit. I don’t really see how either guy (other than shooting the 3) is a natural fit along Tyreke Evans. Yes, Tyreke is struggling at facilitation right now, but is this a real surprise? He wasn’t great at it in Memphis either. It’s going to be a learning curve for Reke either way, and I feel it’s short sighted to acquire a player just to help him in 1 or 2 area’s (granted they’re important but most of this stuff is).

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