Kings Go Into MASH Unit Mode Versus Jazz

Apparently, the Kings had a game. Okay, okay, I knew they had a game. Sorta. Kinda. A lil bit. Okay, fine. I got caught up in the Monday Night football game and somehow totally forgot about the Kings game. I can’t remember the last time I missed a game. I felt dirty afterward. It’s like I slept with the Chargers and came home to a warm bed full of Sacramento Kings, only to have gold and powder blue lipstick on my shirt collar.

As it is though, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who forgot the Kings had a game, considering the box score of the first three quarters. A real shame to see that type of effort after the fantastic heart they showed on Sunday afternoon versus the Hornets.

I’m not a big box score recapping guy, that’s sorta like going to the county fair over Disneyland, but thanks to the lovable world wide interwebz I saw the Kings did have a pair of significant injuries to Omri Casspi and Tyreke Evans.

The fall for Casspi (suffered late in the game) looked worse than the results, according to the Kings, as Casspi isn’t expected to miss any time. Well, I should refine that. Medically, he isn’t expected to miss time. Paul Westphal might have other plans though.

On the flip side, Evans had to leave the floor to get X-rays on his shooting hand, although he did return. He also suffered a minor hip contusion during the game. Tyreke isn’t expected to miss any time, but considering his unhappy ankles, a sore hand, and a little hip issue, Evans pretty beat up and it’s been showing in his lines.

At least the injuries aren’t costing us any wins.



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