Interested In Tayshuan Prince, King Fans?

Mention Tayshuan’s name and link it to the Kings, you’ll get quite a broad stance. Some fans love the potential idea of Prince manning the small forward slot. Others, they don’t see the point. Me? I guess I’ve been on the fence.

I’ve always liked Prince as a player as I grew up a Wildcats fan (don’t ask), so, the thought of Prince rocking purple and black has always been an intriguing one but until recently, not much of a realistic one.

Fast forward to last night where Prince again got into it with Pistons head coach John Kuester and it took an assistant coach stepping in to prevent more from the situation escalating even more. According to Marc Spears of Yahoo:

The confrontation started after Prince didn’t fight through a double screen in time to stop Warriors guard Reggie Williams from hitting a 3-pointer that put the Pistons in a 25-point hole with 4:27 left in the second quarter. Kuester called a quick timeout and voiced his displeasure to Prince, who barked back at his coach on the bench. As the argument continued, Kuester motioned for a Pistons security official to remove Prince from the bench. Kuester started to walk toward Prince, but was restrained by assistant coach Darrell Walker.

Rip Hamilton replaced Prince, who spent the remainder of the half sitting on the bench with a towel over his head.

Clearly, the mess in Detroit seems to get worse every day and with Prince’s expiring deal, you’d have to think Tayshaun’s days in Motown are numbered.

But what do the Kings have to offer that makes sense? Without a doubt, the Pistons would jump all over a potential Jason Thompson deal but that’s a poor trade for Sacramento unless the Kings were able to snag an additional player in the deal which makes it all the less likely for Detroit.

I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a deal for Prince, but, I’m not sure the price is right for either squad unfortunately.

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