Carl Landry Admits Contract Year Worries On His Mind

I know some people are going to disagree with me, but, I’m struggling to find a scenario where Carl Landry doesn’t cash once the season is complete.

Landry is in the final year of his rookie contract, currently making $3 million dollars and admitted to the Sacramento Bee that a potential new contract is on his mind. And frankly, it’s hard to blame him. Landry is going to make some bank. How much though, is the question.

With a lockout looming and player salaries expected to drop, we really don’t know what the going rate will be once the new collective bargaining agreement is put in place. But considering the premium on NBA big men, a scenario where the Kings get a discount on young forward seems unlikely.

Do I think he’ll be back (assuming he’s not moved at some point)? Most likely, yes. The Kings gave up far too much to let Landry just walk. But at the same time, the Kings do need to be careful when shelling out big dollars to a somewhat one dimensional power forward. And no, that doesn’t mean I think Landry sucks. In fact, I think he’s a good player – extremely good and efficient on the offensive end. But he does lack some size and he wont ever be recognized for his defense or rebounding skills, something that I deem incredibly important.

Plain and simple though – until we know what the new CBA is, it’s hard to speculate on what type of market Landry will be in. But hey, it’s speculate on this or talk to some lonely homeless Korean lady on the trolley about the kickback from her invisible pistol as I go to lunch. Clearly, it’s an easy decision.

Time for lunch!

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