Why Jason Kapono To The Kings Works

Reports out of Philadelphia say that the Sixers are willing to take offers on their sharpshooting marksman. Why exactly, I’m not all that sure. Kapono is a bit expensive (6.6 million this season) but his contract is off the books at season end, so he’s certainly not a detriment to the Sixers financially long term. But with that said, the Sixers are getting near the luxury tax limit of 70 million dollars, currently sitting at a 67 million dollar cap hit with 13 guys under contract – so that could be a potential motive for a Kapono move.

The Kings don’t have many contracts that would appeal to the Sixers, if any. Players like Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia are too costly for the Sixers while other players such as Carl Landry and Jason Thompson are far too valuable to part with for a player like Kapono.

So, that leaves the oh-so-valuable cap room to work with. The Kings have more than enough space to absorb a Kapono contract – it’s just a matter of the Sixers being okay with the cap relief and a traded player exception in return. Would they be? Your guess is as good as mine.

But with the Kings need for a perimeter shooter, a 6’8 gunner (career 44% from behind the arc) who expires after this season would be a wonderful pickup. And while I’m sure there will be plenty of teams in the market for Kapono, I question if any would be willing to part with a player who holds more value than a trade exception for the over the cap Sixers.

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  • http://smellslikedirty Tage

    Im going to be pissed if the Warriors sign Lin. Lets see cheap help that works or over priced support player. If your going to build a young team then build one not this well wait and see all of season while we have 17 mil in the bank. Unless they know something I dont, which is possible, this season no matter how great will be a let down if we have a poor shooting guard and Lin explodes in Oakland.

  • Bryan

    Yeah, I was kinda shocked the Warriors got Lin. With teams like LA and Dallas chasing him, I thought he’d end up there…but I guess he wanted a chance to play, which makes sense. I too was hoping the Kings would get in on the bidding.

  • http://smellslikedirty Tage

    Who knows if he will be as good as he appears but if we had gotten him you could have guaranteed more viewer ship and sales of product from the Asian community.Its just sad to see people that stand out not even get a look from us and we have semi talented shooting guards representing us. If anything I would sign Downey he at least can light it up even if he is a small shooting guard