Kings Squeak Past Lakers - Improve To 2-0

Jesus Christ, that was a tidal wave of cow shit to start the game. The Lakers couldn’t miss and I’m pretty sure the Kings couldn’t throw a marble into the Pacific. Thankfully though, the Kings recovered and took out the Lakers summer league team with a 90-84 victory.

DeMarcus Cousins had another great game, putting up 19 and 12 and continued his impressive passing display. Cousins continually found cutters and just generally made the correct pass at the right time, a great display of court vision. Chris Webber is a bit envious. He even showed some range hitting some deep shots, although, he was challenged at times by Lakers second round draft pick Derrick Caracter who had a very impressive game himself.

In addition to Cousins, Donte Greene had an equally impressive game going 6-10 off the bench for 17 points. Omri Casspi was given the start over Greene and struggled to find his rhythm. It seemed like Casspi may have been pressing a bit too hard, trying to impress with his new “style” of game that coach Mario Elie continues to stress on the second year forward.

Much like Casspi, second round draft pick Hassan Whiteside struggled a bit as well. Whiteside literally attempts to block EVERYTHING, something that will get him in trouble come the regular season. This is where some time in the D-league will help him grow. I have no doubt that Hassan could very well lead the NBA in blocks this year if he got 20 minutes a game. I’m also sure that he’d lead the league in goaltends by a wide margin. Now, make no mistake. In no way am I taking a deuce on Hassan – the potential is scary. But he is still a bit raw and some development would do him wonders. He just needs to learn the game better. His physical gifts are perfectly fine…he just needs to understand the game better. When he does, hello Marcus Camby Part II.

Sylven Landesberg, Devan Downy, and Wayne Chism all had solid games for the Kings while Donald Sloan again struggled putting the ball in the basket. It was clear that the Kings were trying to focus more on the undrafted/un-signed players in tonight’s game more-so than the opener yesterday.


Kings – 90

Lakers – 84

Player Of The Game: DeMarcus Cousins

Highlights via Kingsflix:

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