Kings Draft Hassan Whiteside With 33rd Pick

An absolute steal with the 33rd pick. The Kings certainly have their share of big men, but when Whiteside somehow slid all the way into the second round, it became a near no-brainer to take the risk.

The Kings worked out the Marshall product twice earlier this month and apparently came away impressed with the shot blocking machine. He’s still very raw and has a long way to go to be a rotation player in the NBA but the upside was too much to pass up.

Whiteside was thought to be a mid to late lotto pick in most expert mock drafts, so grabbing him in the second round really capped a wonderful draft for the Sacramento Kings.

Thanks To Jose3030 for the gif..

Props to Jose3030

Update: Many people were shocked with Whiteside’s slide in the draft. Sam Amick explains what might have happened…

A scout told me Whiteside fell because of “a severe case of ADD,” but Petrie said his medicals were fine and that ADD wasn’t part of them.

Hassan Whiteside highlights via KingsFlix:

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  • Tage

    Hey thank you for being the only blog that has updated pretty much right after the pick. Even though im streaming this on my computer its good to know that your on the ball not like all the other guys who are dragging there heals. Way to go!!

  • Bryan

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate that! :)

    I’ll keep updating the Whiteside and Cousins posts with more new info as it comes in.