Sacramento To Draft DeMarcus Cousins

According to Wojo of Yahoo Sports, the Sacramento Kings have decided that they will select DeMarcus Cousins in tomorrow’s NBA Draft. Wojo tweeted this message just moments ago:

Sacramento has decided to draft Kentucky’s DeMarcus Cousins with the 5th pick, multiple sources with direct knowledge of Kings plans tell Y!

The Kings franchise is notoriously tight lipped with their potential moves, but, rumors did leak out last year on draft day that the Kings would select Tyreke Evans over Ricky Rubio.

Apparently, the Kings feel confident that Cousins will be available at #5.

Update: More on the situation from Wojo:

The Sacramento Kings are planning to select Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins with the fifth pick in the draft, sources with knowledge of the franchise’s plan told Yahoo! Sports.The Kings have ultimately decided Cousins is just too talented to pass and believe they can provide the support system he’ll need in the NBA. Cousins is 6-foot-11, 285 pounds, and has a refined offensive game. Kings general manager Geoff Petrie and coach Paul Westphal are banking the organization can help Cousins improve his conditioning and maturity.

Cousins had a fantastic workout with the Kings, delivering the best shooting performance of their predraft process. He made 78 percent of his shots, including plenty of attempts from 15 to 17 feet. The Kings had considered Georgetown’s Greg Monroe, but don’t believe a drama-free personality outweighs far more upside at center.

The Kings, who just traded for Philadelphia 76ers center Samuel Dalembert, are counting on a frontline of Cousins and Jason Thompson to carry them through the next era.

The Kings expect Derrick Favors and Wesley Johnson will be gone before them, and so starts the dominos to set up the alignment of the draft lottery. The New Jersey Nets have Minnesota spinning now, unsure whether GM Rod Thorn’s interest with drafting Johnson over Favors is genuine or designed to be a rouse to elicit a draft pick out of the Timberwolves. The Wolves have long wanted Johnson, but if he’s gone, they would take Favors, the power forward out of Georgia Tech.

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  • Kayla

    Not that I wouldn’t be happy with this being true, but NO ONE and I mean NO ONE knows what Geoff is thinking!!! So no one with “direct knowledge of Kings plans” exists. Geoff is more tight lipped about his choices than any other GM out there! I trust he will make the right decision at the #5 spot, I’m hopeful that it is Demarcus Cousins…but seriously no one knows what’s going down in SacTown!

  • Bryan

    99.9999999999% of the time I’d totally agree, lol, but despite many of our desires for Rubio, news did break about Tyreke Evans being the Kings pick about 16-18 hours before the draft last year. Amick was all over that all day.

    But, like you said…it is Petrie. Hard to really trust anything when it comes to the Kings.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if somebody other than Cousins is wearing a Kings jersey tomorrow. I might not like it as much, lol, but it wouldn’t shock me in the least.