Front Office Turmoil For Kings?

I don’t have much to add on this – sounds a bit strained to say the least.

Sacramento Bee’s Ailene Voisin touches on the potential rift here, but as to the jest of it all:

As the NBA Draft approaches, the extended absences of senior vice-president/general counsel Jason Levien is prompting questions about his role within the Kings organization. A former attorney and player agent – Hedo Turkoglu, Kevin Martin and Omri Casspi are ex-clients – Levien was hired in Nov., 2005, to assist Geoff Petrie with contract negotiations, salary cap matters and other basketball-related issues.The past several weeks, however, Levien has missed most of the player workouts and rarely been seen on the premises. When I asked Petrie about the situation after the Samuel Dalembert press conference earlier today, the basketball president was even more tight-lipped than usual. “I don’t know what to tell you,” he said. “He’s (Levien) currently employed. That’s all I can say.” When pressed about his one-time close associate’s extended absences, Petrie added, “He’s been working outside the building on other assignments.”

The Kings have had some….”oddities” the last few years towards the top of the organization, so, this comes as nothing new. Hopefully the situation is resolved without much issue for either Levien or Petrie and the tension doesn’t give Portland (currently on the search for a GM) the ammunition it needs to try and steal Petrie from the Kings grasp.

I don’t want to have to choke a bitch – got that Mr. Paul Allen?

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