Draft Chatter In The Kingdom - John Wall & Tyreke Evans?

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It’s still way too quiet in the land of purple and black, but, that’s per the norm come this time of year. It’s nothing more than a waiting game until the Kings get the news of where they’re going to be picking in the 2010 NBA Draft. And they’ll soon find out as the NBA Draft Lotto will take place next Tuesday, May 18th.

Until then, try not to fall asleep with the slow amount of news coming in.

As for the draft, players who had not hired an agent had until yesterday to pull their name from the draft. No single player withdrew their name from Draft Express’ Top 60 players, which is good news for the Kings. There are a ton of solid players who will be available for the Kings when their turn comes around in the high 30’s.  Here is the early entry list, if you’re interested.

In other draft news, Tyreke Evans’ former college coach John Calipari has no doubt that his former player and current point guard John Wall can easily co-exist, per the Sacramento Bee. Calipari has created somewhat of a point guard factory during his college coaching days, most recently Chicago’s Derrick Rose, our Tyreke Evans, and the soon to be #1 or #2 selection in this year’s NBA Draft, John Wall.

Calipari said:

“They’re not the prototypical point guards, but they’re both point guards with their ability to make plays,” Calipari said. “Defensively, (the Kings are) much better; offensively, (they’re) much better. You can get easy goals.”

And honestly, it’s hard to disagree. While Wall and Evans do have similar games and similar weaknesses, both are incredibility unique talents and both are dripping with intangibles you can’t teach. But it’s a long shot for the Kings to secure the #1 pick in the draft, so, we’ll touch on Wall more once we find out if he’s even attainable to the Kings early next week.

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