Kings News & Notes (Along With A Sprinke Of NBA)

Lots to report this week out of the NBA and the Kings camp as well, though, nothing big enough to warrant  a full blown piece…so here we go:

  • Tyreke Evans will represent the Kings at the NBA lotto selection show on May 18th. Evans will “take over” for Christ Chris Webber who brought home the 4th pick and eventually Evans himself. The Kings can pick no lower than 6th.
  • Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee had a nice Q&A session with Kings GM Geoff Petrie which you can read here. The majority of questions were asked by fans, so, it’s nice to see Jason (who’s taken over for Sam Amick) involving the fans in his work like Sam did.
  • The NBA decided on the cap number for this season and it will be set at 56.1 million, a number far greater than expected by most pun-dents. The Kings currently have about 33 million on the books, which should leave them with about 22-20 million dollars to spend once they sign their draft pick, depending on what pick it actually is. Not only does this help with free agents, but, it also leaves the door open for more trades as teams will have more room to diddle around with and wont be as concerned about going into the luxury tax.
  • The Warriors and Wizards had a coin flip off to decide their projected lotto position the other day with the Warriors winning out. The Warriors will now be slotted in the 5th position and the Wizards 6th. Wins by the Warriors and Wizards on the last day of the season cost them their chance at a coin flip for the third slot, currently held by your Kings.
  • Some new info and perspective on the proposed new arena proposition – a great read and update on the situation.
  • Jerry Colangelo has confirmed that he will invite Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, and Jeff Green to the National team this summer in hopes of preparing them for future placements on the actual team.
  • I don’t know why, but, Bill Simmons hates the Kings for whatever reason. Any chance he has to knock them, he does. And now he picks Curry over Evans as ROY…

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