Kobe Bryant Is Sorta Good – Refs Not So Much

Listen, first off, I’m taking nothing away from the shot Kobe Bryant made. None at all. It was another classic Kobe Bryant buzzer beater. He is one of, if not the best in the league when it comes to clutchness. With all of that said, the Kings were cheated out of a victory tonight.

I’ve never been one to complain about the refs. I know they’re human – they make mistakes. I also don’t like acting like a sore loser, but after last nights loss – fuck it. The Kings got robbed. Despite the amazing shot from Kobe, he pushed off to even get open. And while it wasn’t much, you can clearly see his elbow extend. Why else would ones elbow extend? Me thinks to create space.

Past that, I’ve seen a few people say he walked with the ball – I didn’t really see much of that, but I did see his heel on the sideline. Granted, it was pretty tight…and I guess in some amazing way, he could have the skills of a Russian ballerina and not actually put his heel down on the line at any moment or time….

But that would be a lie.

Kings got fucked. Not only there, but in a variety of other places…be it any of the Thompson fouls in the fourth…the Donte Greene strip of Kobe….the list goes on.

So yea, I guess call me a sore loser. Or just call me smart.

In reality though, I’m very proud of the guys overall – they’ve played their guts out and have played blow for blow with some of the leagues top teams lately. They’re in the middle of a schedule from hell and they’ve held their own without Tyreke and Kevin (and Cisco for that matter). So to you guys, big ups for having the nuts to play like you have. I’m proud to be a Kings fan.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    I hear ya. I dont know if his heels were on the line or not because the coach is staring right down at them and does not complain at all. However, as I followed the game it was a little disappointing to see 2 of the Kings starters foul out / Kings Personal fouls were 24 and Lakers 15 / Free throws 26-16 in favor of LA- All after LA was down 15 at the half. Of course I didn’t actually watch the game, however, I would not expect anything less when it comes to these numbers. Who gets the benefit of the doubt going down the stretch of a game vs LA? Just ask Andrew Bogut for that answer.

  • http://thesixersense.com Brian

    hey man I agree totally. The refs these days are really really not doing well. Not just last night, I saw heel on sideline too, but in all the games. They go to review something and they still get call wrong and it’s just so frustrating as a fan, follower and writer of the game because I sometimes feel cheated out of a good honest win or loss. Good work on your blog here, look forward to reading more. Later!

    The Sixer Sense

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  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew


    Your Kings were fucked last night. Don’t think he stepped out of bounds, but Kobe pushed off to get open and hopped to his spot behind the 3pt. line without dribbling once. The fouls on Thompson in the 4th quarter were ridiculous. Kings played a great game…particularly Hawes, Casspi and Udrih.

    With that said, it was a bonehead decision to be playing a straight zone on the last play. At the very least, Udoka should have been on Bryant in a box & one.

    Otherwise, I gotta give Westphal a lot of credit this season. As you know, I didn’t think SacTown would win more than 25 games. Even if they fall short of the playoffs, the Kings are a fun team to watch…

  • Eze

    To do what they’ve done without Martin (and Evans a few games) has been pretty impressive. Nothing to be upset about really – they’ve done great so far…played with heart and desire every time they’ve taken the court.

    Rough way to end that game…especially just a few nights after the double OT loss to the Lakers and the OT loss to the Cavs.

    Kobe Bryant…dude’s crazy good though. Great game to watch if you weren’t a Kings fan. lol

  • jon

    2002 game 6 was pure example of game rigging at its worst . David stern is to blame