Kings Sign Desmond Mason

Meet Your Newest King

Meet Your Newest King

Well, you can file this one under the WTF category.

Desmond Mason. Really? REALLY? No, he doesn’t really suck and it’s a pretty small price to pay (1 year, 825,000 to be exact), but with the amount of depth at the SG/SF slots…especially youth, the move really seems odd. Is it a pre-cursor to a potential trade? One might think so…because from a pure roster standpoint, we really didn’t need Mason or his career 26% from the arc, despite his potential high flying dunks.

So, to me, this brings a few topics up.

For one, it looks like Bobby Jackson burned the bridge to return with some of his late season comments, along with Webber’s comments about how Bobby wants to win. Without a doubt, if this move was done with leadership in mind, Bobby Jackson was the one who needed to be a King – not Desmond Mason.

A trade? Well, with as odd as this move is, you’d have to think something might be in the plans…especially with Nocioni. It was no secret Boston wanted Nocioni bad last season and they weren’t the only ones according to Sam Amick. With the amount of young talent the Kings have at the SG/SF slot, playing Mason over Casspi or Garcia (with Nocioni still in tote) seems highly questionable.

Let’s not forget Mason has been long rumored to be a Petrie favorite for some odd reason and Mason was part of the Sonics when Westphal was coaching the defunct Seattle franchise, so, there is some minor history involved.

Either way – this move was unexpected, but, not a poor move.

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