Use caution: Think with your dipstick

Kings Ranked 30th in Power Rankings

Okay, I try to avoid being a homer for the most part and I think I succeed pretty well, most of the time. But, 30th? Really? I understand we had the worst record (by far) in the NBA last season, and I also understand we are not a very good team right now. But, are teams like the Grizzlies REALLY better than us?

Are analysts forgetting that we lost Kevin Martin for about 30 games and many of the games he did play in, he was hobbled with his multiple ankle injuries. And while the record might not have shown it, the Kings played a much more intense and spirited effort of basketball after John Salmons and Brad Miller were moved to the Chicago Bulls prior to the deadline. And oh yea – we drafted that Tyreke Evans guy. And did I forget about the progression of Hawes and Thompson, both who played well after the Bulls/Kings swap as well.

Listen, I’m not trying to proclaim the Kings as a playoff team or anything near that sort. And I fully understand the horrific, record breaking season they went through last year, but I also can see reasons as to why they shouldn’t be 30th either…nor do I think they will be a few weeks into the season when the second and third power rankings come out. I just think most analysts aren’t thinking with their dipsticks.

You can see the entire rankings, here.

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  • Drew

    Yes, the Memphis Grizzlies are better. Not significantly better…but better nonetheless.

    Sacramento shouldn’t be 30th though. How the Timberwolves are 27th in these rankings is a bigger mystery. The Wolves are clearly the worst team in the NBA right now.

  • Eze

    Any team with Zach Randolph should be automatically reduced to 35th, with 4 NBDL teams ahead of them. lol

  • Dave

    I don’t know … I think the Kings are there or thereabouts (bottom five or so) for the worst team in the league. An awful lot of things would have to go right for the Kings to jump ahead of some of the other teams right ahead of them.

    I think the Kings are going to remain one of the worst defensive teams in the league, unless Hawes and/or Thompson make huge strides in that regard.

    And I’m doubtful of how large an impact Tyreke Evans will have offensively due to his lack of a jump shot, inefficient scoring (TS% of around 51% in SL), and large number of turnovers (4.2tpg in SL). If he does improve the team’s offense, by how large a margin will that be considering the negatives he also brings to the table?

    I love what Evans showed during summer league and do think there’s a huge amount of reason for optimism over his future, but I’m less optimistic about his rookie season. I think he’ll put up a lot of numbers, but have a lot of flaws (above) that’ll wipe out a good chunk of the positives of his production.

    I think Evans is going to need some time to get that jump shot down, to improve his shot selection, and improve his overall scoring efficiency in the process. Then he’ll need to cut down the turnovers. All areas he can continue to improve at … but I think it’ll take time and that’s why I’m not optimistic about the Kings record next season.

  • Drew

    Careful Eze…Z-Bo has quite the temper. He may come after you one day!

    This temper will likely be on display in early November when A.I. has jacked up 17 shots in the first half without looking to pass. I can’t believe the Grizzlies are even considering Iverson. Ticket sales must really be slow in Memphis…