Is Tyreke Evans Better Than Blake Griffin?

Could Evans be better than Blake Griffin?

Could Evans be better than Blake Griffin?

Well, according to the, they think it’s quite the possibility:

This year, people were hating on the draft class. They said no one will be an all-star besides Blake Griffin which is false. This class has many other studs such as Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, James Harden, and more.

Evans could be as good as Griffin and could possibly go down as the best player in this draft class once his shot improves. Curry will be good depending on how much Don Nelson plays him. James Harden will be a key factor to the young Oklahoma City Thunder who will make noise in the future.

I was all for Ricky Rubio prior, during, and after the draft…and I still think his game was needed in Sacramento for a variety of reasons, not only basketball related. That said, Tyreke was always my second choice and I’m glad he’s a Sacramento King. His game drips All-Star potential and league star, because let’s face it…the style he plays breeds NBA popularity. So that begs the question – will he be as good or better than Blake Griffin? I could go out on a limb and say yes, because it is quite possible. That’s not a slight on Griffin, as he’ll be a very talented pro…but one might say Evans’ potential has a higher ceiling. But potential is an extremely dirty word. One that should be placed around egg shells, as you walk lightly (and carry that big stick).

Do I agree with BleacherReport’s notion that Tyreke has the ability to be better than Blake? It’s a tough call. Neither has played a professional game yet and both have such a different style of game, it’s comparing an apple to an orange. I do know though that Tyreke has an incredible skill set and the idea of him being better than Blake Griffin in due time is not that far fetched.

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  • toasterhands

    I watched him a few times in college and think the kid could be sensational, like 10 time all-star sensational.

  • Eze

    He has some crazy ability, without a doubt. That shot is still suspect, but, that’s one of the easiest things to fix on a player more times than not.

    It’s gonna be a longggggg couple years, but, I’m excited to see him play.

  • Grrravy

    I will never truly know why people are such huge supporters of Ricky Rubio (regardless if the Kings needed a so-called ‘pure’ point guard). I didn’t see anything at all during his games in the Beijing Olympics that spelled ‘future NBA star’.

    That being said, I will not be surprised at all if Tyreke gets Rookie of the Year this season. Blake Griffin, being on the Clippers, will always work in Tyreke’s favor. I have no problem mentioning Tyreke and Blake in the sentence in terms of talent, work ethic and full potential. Go Kings!

  • Grrravy

    Argh! Make that ‘in the SAME sentence…’

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  • Drew


    If Tyreke Evans is as good as John Salmons in three years then the Kings will be very fortunate.

    I like Evans, but it’s a longshot to say he will be a savior or a 10 time all-star.

  • Eze

    If Tyreke is anything like Salmons, the Kings are fucked. Big time.

    BIG TIME. lol

    Salmons is a dime a dozen, ball hog.